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Why to visit Ficksburg?

"Ficksburg is a small town in situated in the heart of picturesque Eastern Free State and boasts with a host tourist attractions."

Ficksburg is central for a weekend away trip, and nice stop over when planning to visit Lesotho. Visiting our neighbor towns.

From October months the Cherries is been harvest and in November month the Cherry Festival and Cherry Jazz Festival is taking place.

Outline Adventures can give more information regarding Lesotho trips, 4x4 trips in the area, hiking, historic buildings and any adventures in Ficksburg Area.

Ficksburg is a town situated at the foot of the 1,750 meter high Imperani Mountain in Free State province, South Africa. The town was founded by General Johan Fick in 1867 who won the territory in the Basotho Wars. He laid out many erven and plots that could be bought at a reasonable price. The town was later proclaimed a municipality in 1891. The last Governor-General of the Union of South Africa and the first State President of South Africa, Charles Robberts Swart was imprisoned here by the British in 1914 and released one day before his scheduled execution. - Wikipedia

"It's the surrounds of Ficksburg that are truly spectacular.  There are grass-knolled valleys backdropped by striated sandstone cliffs.  The valleys created by the Witteberg mountains as they habitation, punctuated by cedars that point towards powder-puff clouds. Swarms of red-billed quelea rise up in unison as you pass, turning with the synchronisity of a Russian dance company. 

Hospitality: Free State warmth permeates every interaction here - locals take time to make newcomers feel at home, and every lodge or cottage owner has an interesting story to tell. And with cell-phone reception not a given, you can switch off and tune in to the contemplative mood this kind of environment encourages". -Taken from Gateway Magazine September 2015.

Easter 2022 Festival of Steam Trains

Enjoy an unforgettable day with us in the Eastern Free State, see vintage cars and trucks and ride on the Sandstone Heritage Trust's world famous private 2ft Narrow Gauge Vintage Steam Railway.

This wide variety of working South African Heritage lies in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains ... visit us to experience the unique Free State country hospitality.

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Anja du Preez will capture special moments with your love ones in the Eastern Free State.

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Ionia Cherry Crop Celebration 2022

Ionia Cherry Crop Celebration 2022


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Witteberg MTB Challenge

Witteberg MTB Challenge 9 April 2022

Ionia Cherry Farm (Boet 084 600 4519)

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